Check fraud- has anyone gone to local police?

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Sooo this just happened to me... thank God my bank stopped me from depositing the check. So this guy named Joe messaged me on offer up about an item that I was selling for $55 dollars. He said he would offer me $75 if I took the add off and didnt sell it to anyone else... which I thought was strange because no one just gives an extra $20 to take an add off. Anyways, I said ok and he said that he would send me a cashiers check for $75 dollars. Unfortanely I gave this person my name and address so he could send the check to me which I see now was stupid.... Then he messaged me a few days later and said the cashiers check is on the way but his "secretary" put the wrong amount on the check and told me to deposit the full amount and give the rest of the money to the movers... I could never get out of him who the movers were, but I told him I wasnt comfortable with that and he kept pressuring me to do it. A few days later I recieved the package from FedEx with a check that had $1,950 on it. He told me to deposit the full amount and then take out $1,875 and give the item and the cash to the "movers". I knew something wasnt right so I went to my bank and told them what was going on and they immediatly told me it was a fraud and that this person is scamming me. The check wasnt even a cashiers check like he said it was going to be. It was a company check. I looked up the company name and it was some agriculture company from illinois. Immediatly called them and asked if it was real and they told me no it wasnt and its a scam. I messgaed the guy and told him that I wasnt going to deposit the check and asked for his name and adress to send the check back. I was only trying to get his info so I could report him, and he would never give it to me and never responded back. Im SOOOO glad and thanful that my bank stopped me... I dont know if he is going to do this to anyone else, but here is his number just incase 631-954-2178. He went by the name of Joe and the information on the FedEx package was Jim Pope. Has anyone went to the police about it yet? Because im going on monday to see if they can do anything. I hope they can because I want this guy to get introuble and hope this happens to no one else. If anyone else has gone to the police about this, how did it turn out??? Thanks 

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Never went to the police, but I've had someone try this on me.

They asked me to take my ad down and that they would pay me tripple the amount and to provide an email.

Luckily I knew about this scam from the Craiglist days after some research and asking on Yahoo Answers.

If you guys / gals want a cool video on the subject, Google "Pleasant Green | Fake Check? A Scam Story" it will take you to a YouTube video.

Take a peek at episode 2 and go back and watch everything else if you like it.

I personally found it very interesting and entertaining.
Same person did this to me. We were in need of money and thought an extra 20$ wouldnt hurt but now i know its a scam.
Please i need help. I deposited the check into my account and i have no i dea wjat to do!! Please help!
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This loser messaged me last night about an item I was selling. I don't give out my number to strangers. Anyway he wanted to buy my item for his cousin in Florida and I should text him. So glad "safety tip" from offerup warns you not to give out personal info because you can get scammed. I messaged him back saying I don't give my number to strangers and I only accept cash as payment. Guessing I won't hear back from him hahaha.