Comedy movie suggestions.

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Some of my favorites:
Joe Dirt
Water Boy
Grandmas Boy
Happy Gilmore
Gaurdians of the Galaxy 2
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Adam Sandler is a personal favorite! My other favorites



Galaxy Quest

Princess Bride


Santa Clause trilogy


White Chicks

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I'm ALWAYS looking for a good comedy!! 


Let's keep the suggestions coming!

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Can I second Galaxy Quest? That movie has aged so well!
Other suggestions:
Jumanji- welcome to the jungle
Dr. Horribles Sing Along Blog
Hail Caesar
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I forgot how much I loved Penelope, @Rainfall7!! I need to rewatch it soon!

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It's definitely a movie with a great cast.
James McAvoy doesn't get enough respect, in my opinion. (Sadly, he doesn't make enough comedies to show up in this thread more often, either.) Smiley Wink

I would throw Thor: Ragnarok out there as another good comedy. (The scene with Matt Damon playing Loki is HILARIOUS!) Chris Hemsworth has been flexing his comedy muscles in his last few films, and his timing is impeccable. I'm looking forward to MIB-International this summer.
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I havent seen elf yet, ill check it out. Spaceballs is hilarious, I havent seen that in years.
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OMG!! Elf is hands down one of my FAVORITE Christmas movies, ever!! Definitely watch it, @Dieseldude!

Remember the Zohan - funniest movie ever!!
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