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Hey OfferUp Community!


When we started these forums, we wanted to build something that our community would love. There have been so many posts, threads and blogs posted since we started! I'm super curious though - what type of content would you like to see going forward? Let me know!

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A thread that announces any changes in advance. Pricing, policies,shipping, and forum changes. I joined this forum for these insights as a seller. At the very least forum members whom take the tine to respond and post here should be given these privileges
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I wish I could give that infinite kudos, @RevivalGypsy !!

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Good topic post @Mj_206!
Would sooo love that too @RevivalGypsy, great foresight!
She took my idea... lol Smiley Wink
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Lol it appears that I took all of the typos as well. I must proofread 😄
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I agree with @RevivalGypsy (Lori) and I will add, that I would like to see another category for complaints. That way when I'm reading through posts in Welcome, or Meet you Neighbor I don't have to  wade through the swamp of unhappy rants disguised as posts. I come here to learn from the more experienced buyers and sellers, maybe have laugh or two, and maybe even a little edification. The forum to me is a place that I can come to to escape the fast paced world out there and to feel comfortable amongst people I can trust. I understand that nothings perfect and that people need to voice their opinions, but there's a difference between an opinion and a complaint! It especially bothers me to see posts that are only written to point out the flaws of OU. I'll shut up now, seeing how I probably was just guilty of ranting myself. I'll have to work on that! @Mj_206 @REMEMBRANCE You and a few other are the best. Thanks for making this enjoyable and easy. You have idea what this mean to me!!

@Woodguychris wrote:

I agree with @RevivalGypsy (Lori) and I will add, that I would like to see another category for complaints.


It does not matter...99% of all questions that appear on the forum can be answered by READING the TOS and by using the search bar (the forum search bar is boolean capable, so you can "combo" terms and exclude terms,etc.). People are inherently lazy and will just post wherever they want.

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@Woodguychris no need to shut up! This post is specifically for feedback like this!!

I want to make this place as amazing as possible for you guys! The layout changes seemed to go really well, so this is going to be the next thing I tackle. I want you guys to be getting the content you're looking for, and that this remains a collaborative place.


As far as the "complaint" posts - I'm pretty divided on how I feel about them. On one hand, everyone has the right to vent about something, but on the other hand, with some very simple research or a quick search, most complaints could be answered. I've attempted merging related threads together, but it's been hard to stay on top of. I'm still not sure how I'd like to address these types of posts, but looks like I might have to soon! 



Since we are disussing the subject matter of the forum itself, I want to give "props" to the technical writer responsiblefor the  forum's HELP section/faq. It is rather thorough and informative.

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We appreciate you and ALL you bring to the forums @Woodguychris!
Thanks for being here Smiley Happy