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Is there a place to report scammers??

@Jon2019 wrote:
Is there a place to report scammers??


You can report the scammers by following the instructions on this link ... scroll down to "reporting a user".


There is no point in posting the scammers' profiles within the forum, as they will just create a new accounts.

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Alrighty - getting back on topic, still looking for feedback on content!


Are you interested in more guest blogs, certain topics, more feedback/testing (like the item performance post)? Let me know how I can make this the best forum possible! 

It would be nice to have Shipping" as a main topic/category on the forum (with subtopics of "Buying" and "Selling" within Shipping).


A ticker indicating current problems/glitches that are being dealt with and/or a system status would be nice. This would resolve the surge of complaints of specific issues.

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Hey @Mj_206!
Has there been a suggestion thrown around for a spot for forum members to be able to get to know one another... without having to go to PM?
Would be fun to possibly have a place for members, that have shown respectful posts, to just be neighbors! Seems would also help keep members on topic as well.
Just an 💡Smiley Wink
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@REMEMBRANCE if I could give you a hundred kudoes for that idea I would! Consider it done even if they don't show!!!

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Wow 100 KUDOS @Woodguychris!
You really like the commonplace area for respectful OU neighbors!
Great... Thanks respectful OU neighbor! Smiley Wink
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@REMEMBRANCE When your right, your right! You came up with what I believe to be the best idea yet!

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Great minds... @Woodguychris!
It really would be fun!! Also, new members would want to be able to access this feature, in turn, becoming more courteous and respectful. Smiley Wink Win/Win
Thanks again... Fingers crossed!
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@REMEMBRANCE yes indeed! Would be an opportunity to get to know a little about someone without being corralled back on topic.