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Hey there @Woodguychris!
We got our wish! Mj_206 is working on this request! 😄
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@REMEMBRANCE  Remember you brought it up! So all pats on the back start with you. Then of coarse @Mj_206  for emplamenting the idea. 

BTW, I seem to use words that even my spell check doesn't even know! Just make them up as I go!

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Haha... @Woodguychris
Thank you!
More of a Team player here... 😉Besides, you had a part in pushing the idea to be implemented too!
Wonder how soon... feel like a kid waiting to open a gift! Lol

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@REMEMBRANCE  thanks! Prefer team player status myself.


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@Mj_206 regards to forums, tech support, insight to enhance the Community or/and OU Online Sales/Buys etc...
I'd personally like to see CONTENT regarding what's in the works and what's known reported tech problems that we should know or how to report new unknown problems in Troubleshooting Forum so regular folks real time can help each other out if applicable. Think that already happens for most part. Ah Ha! Content is good especially when delivery is presented well. You seem to deliver quite well by staying on level ground with us. Content is so widespread in this arena but the humble and genuine approach to reach out to ask is pretty good starters! @L11
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@Woodguychris  I’m not going to rant but I see and agree with woodguychris. They want help or just bad mouth OfferUp? A category just for complaints and another for people who really want help. We all try to give back to OfferUp and the community. 

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@Jones68  Thanks brother! There's just something about listening to someones meaningless rant that tends to sour all the good things being done by those who are actually here to help or to learn or both. Especially if it is intended solely for disruption!

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@Mj_206 @Jones68 @L11 You made some tremendous points in your most recent post here especially your thoughts on tech support. It does seem to already be happening but your idea would make it more organized and easier to obtain. A haven for lost souls looking for a savior to come along and rescue them the evils  of modern technology!

Or something like that.

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A thread about how the new "hold for pickup" feature is all about tracking peoples sales for the IRS.