Conditions and rules are optional to follow

Level 1
So with terms and rules in place, if we violate them we are held accountable but in my recent experience OfferUp can bend the terms at their discretion and to me that violates the implied seller protection. it's made clear USE PREPAID LABEL(WHICH IS FROM A SPECIFIC CARRIER) AND STATES A TIMELINE THAT ITEM MUST BE SHIPPED IN (6 DAYS ON AGREED UPON REFUND 7 ON CLAIM, AND AT DEADLINE MUST BE IN TRANSIT)
Well my recent experience buyer states shipped by post office, but was supposed to ups it, offer up says thats acceptable, buyer states post office holds small packages til a large bin is full before Shipping, my local post office has never heard of such a policy ANYWHERE. The timeframe expired yesterday, and therefore deems the transaction as final and payment legally mine and now past due.
I advertised item as is. Making it secure for this type of issue, and I e even accepted the refund request even though i wasn't obligated nor would a claim have been approved being that it was AS IS. So now I'm with all that said, and not the first issue I've had with shipping to certain places, rules and instructions are intended to keep order, if seller accepted a offer and misses deadline, but ships still, the sale is cancelled but item ships, if buyer files claim than process is delayed as explained, but if seller accepts refund and buyer doesn't follow instructions or technically doesn't ship on time, (shipping means package in transit at time of deadline) offer up makes excuses, the rules must apply to ALL EQUALLY or chaos legally and professionally occur

Update, 8-20-19
Offer up takes the funds from my account and initiates refund, system just notified me it failed item not shipped in time, the rules CLEARLY make clear payments and shipping rely on the CARRIER SCANNING the package, so thus the time frame was not met and the system recognized that what do I do
Level 9
Best thing to do would be reach out directly to offer up through Twitter a payment specialist may be able to help you out I know this is an issue they faced many times there is definitely a lot left to be desired from the shipping system