Conversation between me and the seller is disappeared

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Offerup deleted the conversation between me and the seller who sold me a bed frame with broken center legs. I asked Offerup to provide our conversation history but they rejected my request unless I file a police report and have a case number then they will be able to assist my local law enforcement agency in their investigation. Does Offerup have the right to delete my conversation? Is it stated in their policy? Do I really need to file a police report for reviewing my own conversation with the seller? Can someone help me? Thank you. 

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-Ciao' @LazyS-
Yes... sounds very frustrating!
Believe once you have begun the process of receiving Local Law Enforcement assistance, then it is out of OfferUps hands 😕
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@LazyS let me be one of the first to welcome you to the OfferUp Community forum,

LazyS at this point,
you will need to file a police report — then your police department will be able to reach out to OfferUp and for any information on the seller.

OfferUp can also ban the user if you bring it to their attention and start collecting relevant info. to give to police.

Did you report the the person to OfferUp.? if so that’s probably why
your not able to see your message.
could be the seller account has been ban. 😎🇬🇧🔚
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I am not planning to file a police report at this point. He once refunded the money to me via PayPal and then he reported to PayPal that he did not receive the bed frame so PayPal made a debit on my PayPal account without any investigations. It is not I did not want to return the bed frame, I was unable to return it to him. I have insisted to return the bed frame in person so we can make this whole thing clear but the seller refused it. He told me that he does not have time for this and only willing to refund the money via PayPal. After I confirmed receipt of the refund his OfferUp account became inactive so I was unable to contact him. I asked OfferUp to help me contact him for returning the bed frame but OfferUp told me if I cannot contact the seller then it is better to donate the bed frame so I did. I don't use PayPal so I don't mind if PayPal block my account but I need OfferUp to provide the conversation history so I can let PayPal know what really happened. I need to clear my name. It's more like fighting for my name, not for money issue anymore. I cannot believe that he is a fraud seller and PayPal and OfferUp just let he got away so easily. It is frustrating that neither PayPal or OfferUp are willing to make the thing right. 

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@LazyS At this point, PayPal is involved in the payment issue they are the ones you should be in contact with, PayPal probably have the persons contact information. also PayPal should have investigated your issue. and again you will probably need to contact your local authorities filing a report so they can get PayPal to give them the contact information on the person. so you can get this resolved. 😎🇬🇧🔚
@LazyS He would have had to open a claim dispute to get the money back after he refunded the money. If you did not respond to that dispute and show proof that you returned the bed frame than paypal will automatically refund his money. He probably deleted his account. You will have to settle this with PayPal because Offerup does not accept Paypal. You should be able to his information from PayPal. Offerup won't be able to give you his personal information or help much because the transaction was done outside of the user agreement. As with most transactions like this the item must be returned asap but you have 90 days with PayPal to open a claim. You should have a email from PayPal with a transaction number. You should call them