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I ended up purchasing a counterfeit coin, and the persons attitude is like “Oh Well”
383.00 later.. should I just contact my bank? It’s my first transaction here. I’m not quite sure, I guess I can call the police and file a claim as it was sent through the US mail?
Any suggestions?
Thank you!


If you have yet to do so, file a buyer protection claim. The link was available in the other forum thread that you posted, but you can also use the below link, select "Shipping on OfferUp" and click on the "buyer protection" option. Make sure to have your transaction ID written down.

There is no ticket number issued, but give it a few business days for a reply.

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You can try to put the fear of God into them by threatening to file a report with the postal police for knowingly sending counterfit goods. It's a fairly serious offense if the seller made the claim in the posting that the item was authentic. Or you can dispute the charge on your credit card and do a chargeback. Your choice.


It is very difficult to prove, unless the seller has a reputation of selling fake coins. The buyer can just feign ignorance or state that it was purchased from "someone else" who also stated that the coin was "real".


The USPS Inspection Service has many competent inspectors, but unless the seller runs a business of selling coins and/or runs a pawnshop, the chance of winning is almost ZERO.