Cross posting

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I have Cross posted everything that I have posted on here with the letgo site and it seems that I have more luck selling things on letgo then here on offer up how do I make my things on offer up more appealing to people or is letgo just a more popular site?
OfferUp employee

Hi @Cgarrels25 Smiley Happy There are many ways to make your items more appealing to buyers. First off, make sure the photos you are using are very clear and show as many different angles of the item as possible. Multiple, clear, eye-catching photos go a long way for potential buyers. Secondly, make sure you are leaving clear descriptions of your items such as size, coloring, etc. Thirdly, make sure you are communicating with your potential buyers through the messaging system in the app. There are many, many more tips we've provided to help everyone here. We also have some amazing tips from fellow community members here and more here. Lots of great content and tips to help you out a bit! Please let me know how I or any other community members can help out more Smiley Happy

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Thanks @Elin great information.