Customer received broken item blames seller.

What to do when a customer breaks item and blames you for selling broken item? Any. One cares to share?
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I had someone try this. I sold a go kart to a guy thru ebay and 2 days later he tried to stop payment by opening a case. He said the item was not as described. I informed you ebay that the item was picked up in person.  That’s all they needed. If it was not as described he should not have taken delivery. I got my money and eBay blocked him from leaving me any feedback. 

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"customer recieved"

I take it you used OfferUp's shipping feature.

What exactly is he saying is wrong with it?

If the description was accurate and you gave this user the opportunity to ask questions I see no reason to acknowledge his claim.

If you can visually prove otherwise based on the images you provided, that's even better for you.

There's a chance it may have been broken during transit, but I don't see how that could be your fault either.

Once a tracking number is sent out, I assume the transaction is complete.

Some of our other users may have some insight.

Wonder if return policies differ if it's a company vs an individual seller —

I'm curious how OfferUp handles this.

I'd say reaching out to support is your best bet.
I never had that problem. I’m just starting convo here lol.
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Ah, I see haha