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That sounds like offer ups version of help from what I am getting...

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Im in the same cituation this is so unfair
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now I cant send messages to the community now.



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Offer up has no customer support. That department does not exist. Be very careful when selling something nationwide and putting your money in this application. A lot can happen, and there is no one at offer up that can help you.

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Yes there's no support and they keep telling me that I didn't send an item when I did
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I've been dealing with a major situation for a few days now and the customer support team has been outstandingly! I've been getting replies within 24 hours. I'm not saying your all wrong but to make a blanket statement like you are is in fact making a false one. Along with the support team, the Community Manager @Mj_206 has been a great help as well.

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Hey! I got a quick question. Seller canceled the selling and out of 30$ i got refunded less than 10, why?