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I just posted about 6 or 7 items and the system or whatever is going on I have no idea just decided to make all of my items disappear I decided to come to offer up because the places that I've been attempting to sell my items people report me because I have a cheap price they are competitors and now I'm getting the same effect at hope I wouldn't because this is my first day I would appreciate if someone could help me out to understand why my items disappeared like this
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Hi @Egr1217 welcome to the forum 😊
Just make sure your not making duplicate posts, other wise people will flag your ads, if that’s not the case, your not seeing your items in your item page?🤔
If this is the case, I would delete the app and reinstall it, or contact OfferUp customer support team, and if people are reporting you for having lower price and being rude or bullying you, then this is one of the ways that will help, go to your messages where you receive the person message and clicking on there picture next to there name, then go to the top right corner click report and you also will have the option in doing this to block the user,
That will stop that person from opening your posts, but they can still see your post when browsing through OfferUp, but he won’t be able to contact you anymore, you still will be able to unblock people for info on how you will find it in setting under help. Hope this helps happy selling 👍
Elin Community Manager will also answer your issue soon here with more information she’s excellent with resolving problems members are having, hang in their 😊
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Just as a follow up to HotRod's response:  Blocking does not stop someone from seeing your listings.  It only stops followers and future communcation.  If you can't test this for yourself, refer to the 'unblocking' instructions:

"Unblocking a user is slightly different depending on the device you're using.
  • Navigate to the user's profile by clicking on their picture from any of their items."
...Stop right there.
So if a user is blocked, you can still see their items.  That's how you unblock.
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Here’s the information from OfferUp

How do I report a user or an item?
At OfferUp, we want to build a more enjoyable local buying and selling experience. Please report suspicious or offensive user behavior and any items that violate our Posting Rules.

After you report a user, you will also be given an option to block that person, which means you won’t receive further messages from them.

Reporting a User

You should report a user in cases where they have:
Exhibited suspicious, illegal, offensive or harassing behavior.
Sold a fraudulent item.
Used an offensive profile image.
Posted multiple items that violate our Posting Rules.
Failed to show up to buy or sell an item.
To report a user, open their profile by tapping their picture and then tapping the popup card to go to their full profile. On the full profile, tap the Report button. You can also report a user through the OfferUp messaging system by tapping the Report button at the top of any message.

Blocking a User

To block a user, tap the report button and submit your report. You will then have the option to block the user.

To unblock a user please follow these instructions.

Reporting an Item

You should report an item in the following cases:
The item is prohibited, including counterfeit, recalled, offensive, or stolen items.
The item violates our Posting Rules.
To report an item, open the item detail screen and then tap the Report button.

Note: Reporting/blocking actions are kept anonymous.