Deactivated account.

How do you deactivated my account ? I searched everywhere. My phone crapped out now I have two accounts and trying to get rid of one because I put wrong email on new one
Level 1
If you would like to deactivate your account you must login to your account do you want to deactivate and once you have the app open and are logged in Click over to your profile once you were on your profile scroll down until you see the help Sub menu. Click help and a search box will be available in the search box you can either click deactivate account or you can just search down until you see the link that says deactivate account once you click there it will bring you to another screen showing you your profile and asking for your reason for deactivating follow the steps and then you're good to go
Level 1
Oops I forgot a step once you click on your profile on the bottom submenu of the app your profile will be brought up on the top right-hand corner you're going to see a gear icon or Cod wheel which will be settings once you click that then you can scroll down until you see the help menu and then from there you can proceed with the steps that I mentioned