Deactivated accounts

Level 1
Hey there! I am new to the Offer Up scene and today I have gotten several messages on two different listings and every time I click the notification within a few seconds of it popping up, it says that the persons account has been deactivated and is no longer found. Each and every person today. I’m wondering if anyone has the same issue or why this is happening.
Level 9
Normally that's a sign of a scammer account people will set up accounts to scam others and submit hundreds of offers hoping to get some people to take the bait. If the algorithms are doing their work correctly they can normally detect this type of behavior and will automatically delete their accounts I've had this happen to me quite a few times on high dollar items I sell
Level 4
Scammers being scammers doing what they do best. Setting up dozens of fake accounts trying to bait multiple sellers into selling outside the app so they can bypass any seller protection. Unfortunately it's just a reality of doing business on these sites.