Dear OfferUp (Dear John)

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Note: I have edited this post by removing a link to a screenshot I took today. In the screenshot, is my iPhones home screen with a notification from OfferUp that reads: "Ipads, Iphones 5s and more picked for you!" Unfortunately, that is one of the types of notifications that I keep receiving, months after I sold not bought those types of items.  


Dear OfferUp, I’m sorry but I’m going to have to say goodbye soon. Very soon. I won’t soon forget that very first evening we spent getting to know each other. It was raining (not really but it sounds more dramatic), cold, and just a regular day until you showed up with your green and white outfit.

In the past, eBay was always there for me but we all know how challenging long distance relationships can be. eBay took up so much of my time and with eBay, there’s always a price to pay, always a constant pressure to do things on eBay’s time schedule. Nothing was ever convenient or relaxing with eBay.

When you came along, I knew I could start spending less time with eBay. Ironically enough, once I began to get to know you OfferUp, others who claimed to be as worthy as you tried to get my attention. There was LetGo with that flashy red outfit and also 5 Miles, but something about them left me coming back for more and more of you OfferUp.

Now, after all, that we’ve been through, I find myself growing apart from you. My biggest issue with you is that more and more now, you keep contacting me just to let me know you exist and that you’re still here for me. I thought we understood one another. I thought it was clear that when I am in need of what we both know you can provide so well to me, that I would pick up my phone and contact you.

I feel as though I can no longer trust you. I feel as though it’s finally time to let you go and perhaps start giving my attention to a past encounter I had. LetGo wasn’t as socially active as you. LetGo just couldn’t match your energetic ways but what LetGo did do well, was to give me my space and to trust that when I need something, I’ll pick up my phone and make contact.


I just don’t understand why you continue to reach out to me, talking about things that you should know that I have no interest in.

I wish you all the best in the future and I sincerely hope you will learn and grow.


Someone who used to believe in you

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@NeoDay Let me be one of the first to welcome you to the OfferUp Community forum,

NeoDay first it’s against OfferUp Community forum guidelines to post a website link in the Community forum. When you get a chance review the OfferUp guidelines below it will help you moving forward.

Community Standards/Guidelines:

Posting Rules:

That being said you can disabled your push notifications in your
“My Account Page” on iOS devices.
Not sure if android devices has this option available yet. be sure you have the newest version of the OfferUp app.

Here’s the information below how to changing push notifications for iOS devices; 😎🇬🇧🔚

From app->My Account->Settings can be found right side->green gear icon-> next to your photo or avatar.

1 Tap Push Notifications
2 Toggles Allow Notifications
on or off options are,
3 Highlights and deals
4 Item recommendations
5 Search alerts
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I have edited my post by removing the link. The link was for a screenshot image that I took today. Unless an update has been made very recently, there is no way to stop the iPhone OfferUp app from sending notifications about things that OfferUp is trying to recommend. Very annoying!

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@NeoDay try the information in my previous post how to toggle on or off push notifications. Like I said in my previous post make sure you have the newest version of the OfferUp app. 😎🇬🇧🔚
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I'm really not sure if we're on the same page or perhaps you're using a different version of the app. I am using the U.S. OfferUp app version 2.69.0 (9168) on my iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 12.1.2


From My Account> green gear icon> Settings, which only has the following options:



Name Edit

Change password Edit

City Edit



Search alerts (this option currently has no alerts and says "When you set a search alert, it will show up here.")





Log Out 


*End of Settings page*


Here is another post I made about the exact same issue and as you can see, others have replied having the same issue. Also, a google search indicates that this is a problem many other people have with the app.





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@NeoDay I’m using the OfferUp testing app yes I’m using a different version right now it changes every week for testing new features. But I just uninstalled my testing app and reinstalled the newest version 3.1.0 (9186) on my iPhone 6 running iOS 12.1.2 so I could check if you can get these features and you should. 😎🇬🇧🔚

I would recommend signing out of the app uninstalling and reinstalling the OfferUp app from your App Store on your iPhone and sign back in.

You should get these option to toggle on or off below in settings under push notifications.

Highlights and deals
item recommendations
Search alerts
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I did exactly as you suggested and although the version updated now says 3.1.0 (9186), everything within settings, is exactly the same. The option you are suggesting, is not present for me.

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@NeoDay that’s strange I just updated my wife’s iPhone 6 and it’s showing those features now on version 3.1.0 (9186) try rebooting your phone. 😎🇬🇧🔚
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You are in the US? I have no idea what's going on. I've triple checked and like I said before, the settings menu is exactly the same on my iPhone other than the version # being changed to 3.1.0 (9186). If I could share an image on this forum then I would screenshot it. I will post this on my other post about this issue and see if the people who replied there, can test it too. 

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@NeoDay yep I’m in AZ, The only difference we have iPhone 6 and you have a iPhone 7 we have the same iOS version. 😎🇬🇧🔚