Dear buyers: I write out my items for sale in English. If you have a question, please ask in English

Level 4

I do not understand Spanish. I took a year in school but unless I am selling a 'casa' or saying 'hola' or counting to 10, I won't understand your inquiry.


I don't know how many requests I get from different people that write in Spanish.


I ignore you if I don't understand your language.

Level 9
It's great your items generate lots of interest, but unfortunate you can't turn those inquiries into sales.
Maybe you could reply back to messages that are in Spanish:
lo siento no hablo español (I'm sorry, I don't speak spanish)
This would let buyers know you've recieved their messages but are unable to engage them.
In addition to being neighborly, (and keeping your reply rate up) a quick message acknowledging the language barrier gives them an opportunity to switch to English (if they can) or find someone bilingual to help them.
Level 4

My issue is if my item title says Brand New and sealed, don't ask me if my item is new.

If I write' FIRM PRICE' in my listing title, don't ask me how low I will go.

If I write my listing in English, don't respond in Spanish and expect an answer. Use your head, most in the country speak and write English. How about try that?

If I put Georgetown Pickup, don't ask me where I'm located.

If I put all details of the item in the description, read that and chances are you will find your answers.

It is sad that we have to answer all these requests from buyers to keep our reply rate up because buyers are too lazy to read what we put out there. It gets so frustrating.

I wish buyers got dinged on their accounts for asking dumb questions.


Really not much sense in answering a Spanish request. If I can't understand them on chat, I surely don't want to meet them in person and have to do sign language or go find an interpreter.