Dear offerup team... Nobody wants to see SOLD items

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I'm serious as a heart attack here.... Absolutely nobody is interested, enjoys, nor wants to see "SOLD" items in the search feed. Rather than leave it up to the seller to "archive" their items (9/10 times people have no idea it's their responsibility to do it anyway) please make the browsing experience better by either automatically removing sold items from our feeds OR give us the opportunity to filter them out.

Thank you.

- Everyone who uses your app
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Hi there, @Rmdelete

Thanks for this feedback! Currently, sold items will only be visible for up to 24 hours after it was marked as sold. This is to give other buyers and sellers an idea on what has successfully sold, and for what price. The number of sold items that are visible on the main feed should be relatively low, but this is definitely feedback I can give to our product teams Smiley Happy

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@Mj_206 wrote:

Hi there, @Rmdelete

This is to give other buyers and sellers an idea on what has successfully sold, and for what price. 


The sold price is entered by the seller. If you want correct stats, the sold price should be entered by the buyer. Sellers will always input a higher price than the actual sold price to manipulate the value of their unsold/future  inventory.

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the number of people actually interested in what an item sold for is so small and pales in comparison to that of people who are more annoyed by looking at the sold listings, therefore by automatically removing these sold listings from the search results you will automatically ma this a much more enjoyable app to use instead of annoying a majority of people who don't want to be looking at sold items and who have no interest at all for what those items sold for. perhaps the solution you guys can have is to add an optional filter to allow sold items to actually display rather than displaying them automatically because I can almost guarantee you over 90% of your user base is not interested in the information of what an item they can't even get sold for.
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I like to look at the asking “price” on the sold items. I’m sure I’m one of the few that find it useful, and can see how it would be frustrating for others that had missed out on the items. Their has been times where I kick my self for missing out on a great deal, but other times I am able to get a general idea of what is selling and for an estimated amount. I would not be upset to see this feature go, although occasionally I do like to look at the original price and then I will view other items the seller has for sale, if I think something went for a great deal.

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I agree 100% with the previous user comment of "nobody wants to see "solds items".  

Please consider adding a filter option to remove "sold" listings.  We get the "after 24 hours" thing.. but during busy times like the weekend WELL over 50% of listings are "sold" - this doesn't help the buyers or the sellers..

Here is an example from today (about 5 min ago).  This a screen shot from my computer under the "Free" section.

19 listings are visible.

13 are listed as "sold"

That is +72% of listing that are totally useless - this needlessly burries listings still for sale which hurts the sellers.. and it's annoying for a buyer to sort though tons of irrelevant "sold" listings.

Edited to add: By adding a filter option - those of us who don't want to see "sold" items can filter them out and for those who find the "sold" items helpful can still see them. (unclear why this is helpful becuase Offerup doesn't have an option to list the actual 'sold price')

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Right and even so the selling price is ALWAYS in the eye of the beholder, just because someone sold a vintage trinket for $3 (when its actual value is $30 and they had no idea nor cared) doesn't mean the next person with that same trinket will decide to sell it for $3 just because that's what the last item sold for. That information is actually useless. I've gotten lucky where I score an item for less than $10 and then flip it for $40 so where's the logic THERE?? Or maybe the trinket has sentimental value but I decided If anyone is willing to pay $1000 for our then I'll let or go DESPITE the fact that the last similar trinket sold for $3.
AGAIN as mentioned 90% of the time People are annoyed by the fact that they either missed out, OR have to read carefully to ignore listings that they would prefer weren't even there. Please trust us OfferUp team... You are much better off automatically removing sold items or auto archiving them... Then let people browse archives if need be. Most of us legit don't like looking at that stuff. Thank you for the attention.
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Agree with @Conor 100%
i sold an item this morning, so therefore it won’t show up in the search after 24 hours?

@nichell wrote:
i sold an item this morning, so therefore it won’t show up in the search after 24 hours?

That is correct.."sold" listings linger around for a day or two, then disappear (as they should).