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How do we delete our account?
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Hi @SURIEL welcome to the forum 😊
First of all I’m sorry to hear you want to close your account, you can go to your my account in the app on the right side there’s a green gear next to you username, tap on that now you will be in settings tap on help now tap on account settings, then go to Deactivating an OfferUp account. Hope this helps you. 😔 if there’s any other questions or problems your having please let us know.
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I am getting error message r37kprmm and can’t answer my notifications. I need my account unlockef
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I cannot answer my notifications. I need my account unlocked
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Clear your app cache and re-log back in.

If the issue persists, reach out to support.

It can be a variety of reasons.
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Hi @essence246 - if you are seeing any error messages, here are some steps you can follow to hopefully resolve these errors.


If that doesn't help, you can reach out to an expert here.

There is no Deactivate OfferUp account in the gear. Is this done by contacting customer service now?
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Go to help and the 5th item down is account and it’ll send you to a link
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I sold this guy a jersey..he has accused me of selling him a fake..i do not sell fake jerseys..i bought this jersey at a leading department store..i have receipts..they would never sell fakes..on another site i have sold close to 50..not a problem..i dont need this..i have a goid reputation..i think maybe i would like to close my account..i have been wrongfully accused
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Yes, that sucks. Buyers here can and will claim anything. Just delete your listings, and you can decide to sell or not in the future.