Deposit Pending Taking Too Long With Fast Deposit

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I recently signed up or the new fast deposit feature. I made a sale on November 1st and I shipped it out the same day, the item was delivered on November 3rd and the buyer rated me that same day. It has been 6 full business days (10 including weekends) and it still shows as deposit pending. I called my bank and they do not see any upcoming deposits. I have conacted offerup but I keep getting numerous emails about being transferred to a senior payment specialist but still no luck. I never had this problem until I used the fast deposit feature which states "your bank will typically recieve your money as soon as it is released. It may take 1 to 2 days for your bank to reflect the deposit". I just wanted to know if anyone else had a problem with the feature and if they got a solution. 

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Yes I am experiencing the same problem.