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A week ago today, I sold and shipped my expensive Apple Watch through the Ship Nationwide feature.

On top of the 7.9% OfferUp took, to also charging the buyer for shipping, my deposit has been pending ever since. The customer received the watch on Monday and I know OfferUp has a 3 day hold policy so that buyers can report any issues. However, that ended 2 days ago and my deposit is still pending.

I had emailed customer care 2 days ago and they gave me the generic response about all the timeframes and that on the 4th day after a customer received the item that the funds are released. However, that’s seems to be false because my bank processes deposits immediately and never take 5 days to accept an electronic deposit.

My question is, has anyone else had this issue with their deposits being held hostage by OfferUp and was it ever resolved?

As a seller, this is terrible business practice in that I mailed a $800 watch, been without it a week and I still don’t have my money because OfferUp won’t release it despite not having a protection claim against me.

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UPDATE UPDATE!! Transactions that show coming from Stripe would be manual disbursements we complete to push money through (think buyer protection claims, or a snag in the process) but most should show from OfferUp Payment.

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Hello @Wathan48

Warmest welcome to the forums! I appreciate you sharing this story.

I have not had the opportunity to utilize the nationwide shipping feature.

It sounds like there are a few kinks that need to be ironed out because what you are describing is terrible business practice. Plus I hate those generic letters.

I will tag our community managers  @Elin, @Mj_206  and maybe they can assist you in resolving this issue.


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Has also happened to me. It's been 5 days since my item was delivered and my money is still being withheld. Something needs to be fixed immediately.
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Im sorry, but it doesn’t take 4-5 business days after depositing my funds for my bank to process it. Here’s how I know this...

Using PayPal, when I request a deposit through my debit card it processes in about 5 minutes, not 5 days. When I do deposit using my bank information, it processes overnight and deposits the next day.

OfferUp is committing fraud by telling consumers that it’s our banks that takes 4-5 business days to process an electronic deposit. The only time it takes 5 business days is when I deposit a paper check through Mobil deposit over $500. Otherwise, my banks processes immediately or up to 24 hours.

I’m getting really tired of companies like OfferUp/PayPal taking advantage of consumers by using OUR money to make additional money even after charging us ridiculous processing fees. When OfferUp posts incorrect information like this, it’s considered consumer fraud in that they are blatantly providing false information to make more money off of us.
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If you read the terms wihtin the shipping and OU payment system, the language ia rather clear below and if you can comprehend what you read, OU is the escrow and since "business days" do not include Sat/Sun, it can take up to 3 whole weeks from the time the seller ships the item to receive the money.
From OU:
"When you accept an offer to ship an item to a buyer, payment is authorized and held on the buyer's card. When the item ships, the payment is collected. When the buyer receives the package, they have up to 3 days to evaluate it. Your money will be released to transfer to your account after those 3 days have passed.

When your money is released, the transfer process to your debit card or bank account will automatically start, if you've set up your deposit account. It takes up to 5 business days for a transfer to be complete, after which your money will be available to you. Payments may be delayed if there is a bank-recognized holiday."


How is the above false information? It is not fraud, since OU explains their terms.

I only use Paypal, bank to bank wire transfers, or Western Union (if the buyer is willing to pay their fees).

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This was from a Payment Solutions Rep:

“Your funds were disbursed on 5/4/18 and you should see them reflected on the deposit method ending in xxxx you opted for when you set up your OfferUp Payments on your account.

Depending on your financial institution, it can take 3 to 5 business days for funds to process and reach your account.”

And this is from a customer service rep:

“Currently, we give buyers 3 days to evaluate their items to make sure they’re satisfied. After the 3 days has passed, the funds will be released the following day.

Depending on your financial institution and any bank recognized holidays, it can take up to 5 business days for the funds to process and reach your bank account or debit card.”

They are committing fraud is their customer service and payment solutions reps are stating my funds are dispersed on the 4th day and it takes my bank 3-5 days to process. I have a military bank which processes electronic deposits overnight; not 3-5 business day.

@Lapua, you must clearly be an employee of OfferUp or a compensated customer to have Access to information that I couldn’t find in hours of research and I’m about as tech savvy and computer literate as they get.
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It is not all different from the early days of Paypal.  If YOU KNOW it is fraud, go ahead and eport it, as well as  retaining counsel and watch the attorney laugh at you.

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It’s not all that different from PayPal now, which is currently processing it’s 2nd class action lawsuit loss in 2 years for doing the exact same thing that OfferUp is doing.

@Lapua, no lawyer is going to laugh at me for bringing a case that could means millions of dollars.

Seeing as you blatantly ignored my comment about being an employee or compensated “customer” and your judgmental attitude about all this, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were management or some type of leadership role with this company. A random customer wouldn’t know where to find all the information you provided plus have an attitude of being in upper management without actually being one. Kudos to you for helping people get ripped off.

Oh, I’m a Veteran and I have no problem filing investigations with any and all agencies if I smell fraud. Pretty sure other Veterans and regular consumers alike would love to see a greedy company be held responsible for its crimes.
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I don't care what you are. If you can't read and comprehend a simple clause, it is your fault. BTW, I specified the EARLY DAYS OF PAYPAL in my previous statement becasue that was the SOP.


If you don't agree with their LEGAL shipping/payment policy, take your business elsewhere.


The attorney will accept the retainer fee, then laugh at you. No law firm will accept the class action lawsuit, since OferUp is YEARS away from making a single cent of profit.


Just to be clear, I am not an OU employee nor affiliiated with OU in any shape or form. I am just an end user.

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@Lapau, I am taking my business elsewhere. I made that decision days ago. I’ve already removed all of my other postings.

“The attorney will accept the retainer fee, then laugh at you. No law firm will accept the class action lawsuit, since OfferUp is YEARS away from making a single cent of profit.”

That statement alone tells me how little you know about the legal system. It’s amazing how smart you try and come across, but then make stupid statements like that. Funny, I’ve met upper management in numerous companies that have the exact same mindset as yours.

And your statement about you not being affiliated with OfferUp is clearly a lie. You supposedly know all of their policies (I’ve read through many of your responses back to people) and that alone is startling because no end user reads through that much fine print. Not to mention, in hours of searching through their website I could not locate any of this information and yet you just have it readily available. Also, how would a simple end user know the financial standings of a company like OfferUp? OfferUp is a privately owned corporation that doesn’t release financial information and there are no articles within the last year or two that state that the company is not making money.

Good luck to you and OfferUp. Hopefully, you guys don’t get inundated with class action lawsuits as more and more people get frustrated with your unethical business practices.