Deposit Pending Taking Too Long

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Was skeptical about the new feature since I wasn't sure if it had been tested thoroughly before being release.

Glad to see it's working for a couple people.

I think the assumption is that it works exactly like eBay / Amazon

Feature notes should state, that not only is it a new feature that works, but you should only use it if you don't need the money immediately as processing currently takes roughly a week.

Maybe more if the other party is not satisfied with the condition?

'It's my money and I want it noooww' posts, should really consider what @Elin said.

I wasn't going to join in the discussion, but she's right.

From an admins end, options to help are quite limited as opposed to Support and re-submitting four times doesn't help.

I'm sure OfferUp is doing the best they can to resolve each issue, everyone is being treated equally.

I would have thoroughly considered every outcome before deciding to become the guinea pig in a new feature.
Im also still waiting and the customer had her item on Monday. I have multiple sales that I have shipped and if its going to take this long I thing I will not be doing this much longer.
Its been 5 days and its still pending. Someone else is on 11 days..
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Did you get rated? Have you reached out to support?
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What else is needes to get started
I have 40+ postive and yes i have
OfferUp employee

hey @BrightMoonstone I don't have the tools, and honestly, I'm trying to do best to keep up. The right people will let you know, when they can. If you are worried about your responded back to them. 


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You and I are in the exact same boat, including time frame. I am not happy about this part of the app and have had to refuse 3 potential sales because I’m not willing to bust my butt packaging and shipping on time, only to have OfferUp hold payment till they feel good and ready to release. Their disclaimer is useless and I advice people not to use this feature. I too am fed up with the scripted generic responses! I truly am about to delete this app all together!
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 HI @Taylortami18 welcome to the forum,,,,From what i have seen here in the forums ,, I know that offerup is working hard to get the bugs worked out to get the  shipping to work smoothly,,,,,,,,,,,Offerup is a great app , i wouldnt give up yet,,,,,,,,,,the shipping is new,,,,,,,its gonna take time for offer up to get it all working smoothly

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@Taylortami18 I agree with you wholeheartedly. I, too, am tired of receiving the same generic responses from every single person associated with OfferUp and those claiming to not be associated with them. I’ve removed all of my postings and now that I finally received my payment 10 days after shipping, I’m ready to just delete the app. I don’t believe that this “glitch” is some sort of accident. PayPal knowingly does the exact same thing (up to 3 weeks) and they are currently settling their 2nd class action lawsuit regarding it and they still continue to do it.