Deposit Pending Taking Too Long

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@Wathan48 I never tried to change the subject or anything. I was curious so I was able to get ahold of someone to look into your account. If you want to ask the questions, ask! That's why I'm here. And I'm not *just* a moderator. I'm in charge of this whole Online Community and built this with other teams. I've also sent you a Private Message. If there is anything else we can do to help you, please let us know. 

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If the below statement by YOU  is not entitlement, I don't know what is:


" Just be honest and tell the truth. If you purposely hold all funds an additional 5 business days just because you want to, just say that and that way we as sellers have all of the correct information and we can decide one by one whether or not we want to continue selling on here."

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@Lapua you are clearly delusional to say that is entitlement. It’s called good business practices; to advertise policies clearly and visibly (without searching through pages on the website). As a consumer, I AM ENTITLED to be given clear, precise and correct policies that are visible. Otherwise, it’s known as fraud.

But clearly you’re perfectly OK with businesses committing fraud, knowingly providing false information and not providing these clear and precise policies where every seller can view them when posting items.

You also seem to condone the behavior of harassing and belittling users of this site demonstrated by your behavior towards me ever since I posted this discussion. It’s very clear that harassing, belittling and trying to intimidate users is your style and this behavior is clearly allowed by OfferUp.

That alone says everything about you and OfferUp....
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@Wathan48 Everything I have stated is based on facts.  You mentioned the US Constitution out of left field and I made the correction.  


The shipping terms were implemented before you opted to use it, hence agreeing to ALL of the terms.   If you bothered to read the forums, I even warned everyone over the shipping policies over a month ago.   That sums it up on my end.

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Did you know that not all of the sellers on OfferUp use the forum prior to selling?

I actually didn’t even sign up until I started having issues with my payment and was trying to get answers. Therefore, I wouldn’t have seen your post a month ago.

I do admire your pompous attitude though and you’re acceptance that your behavior towards sellers is acceptable. Congratulations on being a classless individual. I hope for OfferUp’s sake that they remove you from the forum....
I have not recieved any emails from OfferUp with a response to deposits, prize etc..or anything other than the standard messages telling me to ship items in three days, packages have been delivered or a customer has a message.
@Lapua the TOS is in Sec 3, C-shipping, i-sellers. It very clearly states funds are released NO later than 3 business days after delivery. That is in the TOS 3,C, i sellers. Yes they're are saying it can take 5 days for the money to go into the account after the funds are released BUT the funds are NOT being released in 3 days to be deposited...The funds are being released in 5 days to be deposited so its taking some people up to 10 days or longer, so yes the TOS are not being followed on many levels even more than this. You're reading follow ups not the TOS. I have not even signed up for a Stripe account for OfferUp and as far as the TOS I'm required to have one in order to be paid.
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You are referring to this:

"The buyer’s payment, minus OfferUp’s nationwide posting fee, will be released to the seller no later than 3 business days after delivery, provided that no Buyer Protection claims are made by the buyer"."


What you neglected to specify is the "3 days" is dependent on the buyer informing OfferUp whether or not the funds will be released (the last part), which is 3 days as well, but it seems that OfferUp is giving buyers leeway on the 3 days, which is OU's decision. Hence, what I have informed you about the "5 days" (can be longer since it states..."about 5 days)" comes into play.

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now that you mention it @BrightMoonstone ,,,,,,,"offerups nation wide posting fee'',,,,,,,,,,,,what if we post something nation wide,,,,and it doesnt sell?,,,,do we still owe a posting fee",,,,,,,,,or is that just if we sell the item? @Elin 

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Only if it's sold on OfferUp and you use Shipping.