Deposit Pending Taking Too Long

I just told you also 3 b
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@BrightMoonstone...What is your DISSENT towards  "3.B. OfferUp Payment Solution"?

Again sellers must enroll with Stripe...
Please continue reading after that...
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If you are referring to..."sellers must enroll for the service through Stripe. Enrollment in and usage of the OfferUp Payment Solution is voluntary, so buyers should note that some sellers may not accept Electronic Payment Methods, or may only accept Electronic Payment Methods for certain transactions."


Do you see the word "VOLUNTARY" within the 2nd sentence? The OfferUp Payment solution is an ONLY an OPTION, but a requirement IF you want to SHIP through OfferUp.


The "must" that you are referring to is IF the buyer wants to utilize an alternate form of payment (OfferUp Payment Solution), the seller MUST be enrolled it in as well.

I'm sorry did you just skip 3 iv?
I did read that BUT I don't have a Stripe account lol
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3.iv. Receiving Sales Proceeds...

If the buyer is paying with Stripe, then the seller must enroll in Stripe.


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Pretty sure, by the time your done with all this @BrightMoonstone, your payment will be there.

Again I don't have a Stripe account, never enrolled in one Offerup has not givin the option to have a Stripe account...