Deposit Pending Taking Too Long

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Reguardless, thats way too long to deposit after its been released. And why does it say i have sucessfully canceled my shippment.?
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@David87 You'll want to reach out to our Payments team.

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Seems like the Shipping payout process gets facilitated a bit faster after the initial use... most likely due to the verification process. 👍
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hey @David87 welcome to the forums,,,,,,,,,hope your problem gets taken care of soon,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,if you would,,,,,,,,when you find out,,,,,,come back and let us know why it says that about your shipment being canceled,,,,,,,,you are not the first person to mention that,,,,,,,,,,,,,keep us updated please.

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Am i able to post screenshots?
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You can send them to me in a private message, @David87, but photos aren't allowed on the forums. Thanks for checking!! Smiley Happy

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@David87 our Payments team sent you an email 5 minutes ago.

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I sold an apple lightning cable for $15 and it's been 2 months now since the customer received the item and rated me. He messaged back after receiving the item that everything was good. But the money on offerup kept showing pending until it disapeared.


I never received the money in my bank account. I have tried looking up for a phone number to call offerup but there was none. I didn't really take agressive messaures to follow up on this since the money was small but then I have decided NEVER to accept payment through offerup ever again.


With that said, I will still like to know where my money went and how I can get it transfered to my bank account.


I have been tempted countless times to buy with my card on here but decided not to because of this experience I had.


I'm happy you wrote this post and people can read and not make the same mistakes.


-- My 2 cents

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@Djack are you stating that you never reached out to our support team? I don't think it's fair to completely write off a new service without attempting to contact the proper channels for support, then warning others to not use it. 


If anyone is experiencing any issues with our Shipping feature, it's important to contact our teams so we can help, as they won't know there is an issue unless you reach out. 


Go ahead and contact our team here. Note the subject with your transaction ID, and inquire about the payment.

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Thanks for your response but I had no means of contacting them. I keep getting directed to articles and this forum everytime I try. Thanks for the link provided, at least this will help me contact them directly.