Deposit Pending Taking Too Long

@Shopalot mine was in May also
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---Interesting... would you mind sharing where to find this information @BrightMoonstone... would like to check out the payouts timeline info as well--- Thanks! 👍
@KSARASARA it's under the Stripe tos for Setting Bank and Debit Card Payouts
@KSARASARA it's under the Stripe doc for Setting Bank and Debit Card Payouts
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----Hmm... are you absolutely certain there is "no-way" to receive your money from a transaction that has yet to be completed since May?
Has every angle been attempted?
Just unsure why there wasn't a follow-thru to obtain the $$$ ❓
Would like to assist in any way to help you get the resolution you are looking for... 👍☺
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@KSARASARA this has been the case with a single transaction of mine as well around the same timeframe as @BrightMoonstone
I believe we have both attempted multiple times and are told it was deposited into the bank many many weeks ago. It was not.
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@KSARASARA there is nothing you can do all outlets have been used and the final word from OU was we don't know what happened the money is not in the stripe account and was deposited. The item was canceled by me supposedly the day after it was marked as mailed. My bank has ran all the transaction numbers etc and nothing was ever posted for the transaction back in May
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---Maybe will hold off to begin shipping a little later than originally anticipated... Lol
Appreciate the feedback @RevivalGypsy & @BrightMoonstone---