Deposit Pending Taking Too Long

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@KSARASARA please don't let a few rogue transactions discourage you. I have had many more transactions that went perfectly and created several repeat buyers. I prefer to ship, tbh. Please give it a try Smiley Happy
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---Did these transactions "all" occur in the Month of May?
There has to be a correlation or a trail somewhere... ❓
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Yes... @RevivalGypsy-
---Try "everything" @ least once---
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I blocked my buyer so I can't see the date details, but mine I believe was first few days of june. @KSARASARA
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---Thanks... @RevivalGypsy---
Appreciate the feedback!
@KSARASARA yes the only one I didn't get paid for out of many transactions that I have recieved was just one for under 10.00 in May and I'm thankful it was under 10.00 because many of mine are atleast 100.00 or more. She is a return buyer so I've been able to communicate with her. The transactions is not suppose to be canceled after its marked as shipped. They had to make a new transaction for the amount but I don't know where the new transaction went.
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---Thanks... @BrightMoonstone---
-You answered my next question... amount. Glad it was not over $10 for your sake! 😊
@KSARASARA I'm also starting to prepair for holiday sales. Stocking up, getting packaging, linking with multi media sites etc. I don't like to wait untill the holiday hits and have to do everything last min. Also it sometimes takes search engines a month or so to pick up searches depending on the site you use so it's good to start opening up any other linking sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook or any other advertising sites right now.
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---Sounds like you are very busy during the Holidays (& organized)
-OfferUp is actually my first and "only" Marketing site... "Newbie" to the Online Marketing scene! 😊
Appreciate your "Expert Tips" 👍
Continued Success to You!
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Hello, I received a notification saying my money was deposited and now in my account. I’ve checked my account and there’s no deposit from OfferUp. Please provide me with some assistance as to why it’s telling me I received funds when the case is otherwise. Thank you.