Deposit Pending Taking Too Long

One out of 10 is there still doesnt matter I don't have a Stripe account if I did we wouldn't have this problem lol
@Lupua you are retarded how is it voluntary if there no Stripe account to enroll in? Please just stop
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Im sorry but you need to address this person for calling other people names as well have you done that?
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OfferUp has INTEGRATED Stripe as their payment processor, which is how your transaction is being conducted.


"3.iv. Receiving Sales Proceeds" is NOT EXCLUSIVE  for shipping, so..."If the buyer is paying with Stripe, then the seller must enroll in Stripe."...still applies.

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I'm not seeing any other name calling, but this applies to everyone.

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Yes we are all using Stripe and the buyer and seller are not enrolled in stripe.. That's the point Offerup is not a payment processing application there for they should not be the middle man I can not agree to stripes TOS if I'm not enrolled in Stripe...does make anything helpful to agree with Stripes term when I'm not enrolled so how I'm a to be held accountable to their term so says Offerup..
It was with the man who finally got his money for his watch
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Hello @Elin I have a question I sold something on the app and the buyer says say payed me and I see the balance in my offer up account and I sent the money to my bank and I have still not received the funds in my bank and it's been over 2 Weeks do u know why that would be
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Offerup Payment Solution is a prerequisite for shipping. You agreed to use the "Offerup Payament Solution" when you agreed to the shipping process. Now, if you look closely below, it also specifies that you have agreed to Stripe's TOS by agreeing to use the OfferUp Payment Solution. If you read towards the end, when you agreed to shipping, you basically agreed to the following:

1. Stripe handling the money processing.
2. Stripe can hire another 3rd party to handle the money processing at their will, which is another contingency.


"ii. Sellers. By using the OfferUp Payment Solution to accept Electronic Payment Methods, you are entering into an agreement with Stripe subject to the terms of the Stripe Connected Account Agreement, which includes the Stripe Terms of Service (collectively, the “Stripe Services Agreement”). Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Stripe Services Agreement, you will not have the right to have Stripe, and will not request that Stripe, transfer any buyer data Stripe collects via the OfferUp Payment Solution to an alternative payment processor. Except for the foregoing restriction that supersedes any rights you may have in the Stripe Services Agreement, the Stripe Services Agreement is separate from these Terms. OfferUp is not a party to the Stripe Services Agreement and will not be liable or responsible for the payment services provided by Stripe. If Stripe discontinues providing services in connection with the OfferUp Payment Solution, you authorize Stripe to share your payment method information with an alternative third-party payment processor that is or will be integrated into the OfferUp Payment Solution."

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