Deposit Pending Taking Too Long

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Unbelievable!! I work in the legal business and this definitely doesn’t look good for them. I predict OfferUp will stop offering this feature in the near future as I am reading more and more about this issue. We don’t sell things to wait three weeks for payment. I can’t go to the grocery store and take home items and see if I like them and then tell the grocery store “don’t worry I’ll pay you for the items in a few weeks”!
Apparently one of my deposits has been released after 5 days from delivery so I guess Ill see how long its takes to show up. It says I've been paid but clearly its not in my account as of yet..I think I have about 9 others that are waiting on deposits. This is a first for me and I've been selling online for many years. I have a good rep on this site and really don't want to mess that up because of this. I can't figure out a way to turn this shipping feature off without going into every item, at almost 100 items to disable it.
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@Elin I also wasn't going to join in the discussion, like goblin said, I totally understand it’s growing pains with a new feature, but from what I’ve been reading in this thread maybe OfferUp should consider pull this new feature till all the bugs are worked out, I know the OfferUp team is always working really hard to resolve issues, but it’s not worth putting members and your self through this frustration. for everyone that’s waiting to get paid just try to be patient with OfferUp, I’m sure everyone will get paid.
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@Hotrod Totally understand your viewpoint. This has already been fixed though thanks to all of the feedback. So even *after* the fix, people still need to wait up to 5 business days to get their money. And again, this is a tiny percentage of users.


They totally get how frustrating it was. This was a one-time bad thing. Moving forward, this will never ever again be a problem. 



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@Taylortami18 Hi. "only to have OfferUp hold payment till they feel good and ready to release" - That is not what is going on at all. We worked hard at fixing the issue, which affected a tiny percentage. I'm sorry you were in the mix. We have sent all of the people affected emails with a prize. Other than that, I'm sorry you feel that way about OfferUp. Let me know how I can help. 

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@Wathan48 It was an accident, of course it was. Everything is laid out in our blogs here and what we've told you. Let me know if any more anymore questions. 

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Wow, another lie by OfferUp. I was never contacted by OfferUp with a “prize”. And the problem isn’t fixed if you are still telling people that it could still take an additional 5 business days for the deposit to process. Throwing in the statement that it only affects a small amount of people could also be a lie because there’s no way for all of us to truly know how many users will continue to be affected.

Don’t patronize me. I’m not sheep. I’m highly educated, overly thorough (you can thank the Air Force for that) and too smart to just believe blindly that this situation has been rectified. Seeing as how I’ve never even received an apology from anyone in customer care nor received any kind of a prize, your last 2 posts just goes to show how much lying goes on at OfferUp and how little you care about us as customers. At the end of the day, it’s all about the dollar for you guys!
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@Wathan48 Look, I am here to help all of you. Nothing I've said has been lies. I cannot share numbers or specifics, but yes, it was a small amount. Check your email, there was something sent out from our Marketing team. And then check your spam folder. 


I'm sorry if you've never received an apology from anyone at Customer Care. That is exactly actually what the email we sent out is about. You will get your money. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. We are trying to be as honest as we can. 

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There it is, blaming my email provider for the email supposedly going into my spam folder. Sorry, that’s a lie. I get a notification every time I get an email from OfferUp (which I don’t delete). Not once have I received an email from customer care in the last week regarding this issue. And just to appease you, I checked my spam folder and there’s nothing from OfferUp.

I would love if OfferUp would just stop lying for 5 minutes. Just be honest and tell the truth. If you purposely hold all funds an additional 5 business days just because you want to, just say that and that way we as sellers have all of the correct information and we can decide one by one whether or not we want to continue selling on here.

You say I’m Because I keep continued to get lied to? Because not a single person from OfferUp has apologized to me for this issue? Please tell me how I’m rude? Because I demand answers to how MY money is beigg handled by your company?! The fact that you have the gall to call me rude despite all the lies I’ve been told and your constant inaccurate statements on my posting says all I need to know about you and your company.

It’s rude for you to come on my discussion topic and to tell lies and half truths to us as consumers. Some would consider that as fraud, especially if you work for OfferUp and your words are on behalf of the company. It’s rude for you to accuse me of being rude when it’s not your money being manipulated with and being’s MY money.

What’s really rude is how stupid you think we all are that we’re just going to sit here and accept everything you say when it’s very clear that you’re still not telling the truth. So, please just stop. I haven’t called you names, haven’t cussed at you or anyone for that matter and instead all I’ve done is communicate with my fellow sellers on my personal experiences. If that’s rude, then OfferUp has more issues than I suspect.
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@Wathan48 There are no lies, I'm honestly not sure what you mean. I am trying to be the liaison between the teams, and all of you to let you know what is going on. We are not holding your money. We work with Stripe to transfer the funds. If you didn't receive the email, then you were not on the list of the one that had been affected.