Deposit Pending Taking Too Long

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Welcome to the community, @Wathan48 

First off, let me clear up that @Lapua is not affiliated with OfferUp, aside from being a passionate community member Smiley Happy The information that @Lapua provided is all public on our website, and is, for the most part, correct and can mostly be found here.

I would also like to point out that items must be under $500 to be eligible for shipping


I recommend continuing to work with our Payments and Customer Care team, as they have the proper tools to assist Smiley Happy

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Hope they do iron this issue out buyer just received 3 pairs of shoes that I mailed them and then ignored my message if they could acknowledged they received I feel like I’m about to loose money using this nation wide feature
Seems like sellers have no protection over fraud
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What happens if they ignore to evaluate the item you shipped and they received ?
Do you still get your money ?
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Yes @Fckwuthnk Smiley Happy This is highlighted over in our Shipping blog here -

The funds will be released after that 3 day period. 

My deposit has been pending for a week now
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Clearly there are some serious issues with OfferUp as I have yet to talk to anyone that received THEIR money in less than a week. Blaming the banks might have been an easy scapegoat early on, but seeing as most electronic deposits are deposited in 24 hours and I can even get electronic deposits to my debit card within minutes, OfferUp can’t use this lie anymore.

It’s 2018.....not 2005
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Well she told me she was satisfied with her purchase now let’s see how long it takes to receive the money and whether it’s worth doing the national sales or not even worth the headache of worrying if you’ll loose money
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Same. I’ve been an online seller for years and never had to deal with this. I’m sick of it and I’m taking my listings elsewhere as well.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one having this issue. This is ridiculous.  I've been telling people now who want to buy from me to either use PayPal or pay a extra fee to counter the 7.9 percent fee on here. Only 1 person wanted to pay that thus far and he's the one I've still not gotten my 161 bucks from that's still pending.....

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Hello @Dch75

How long has it been since your package was received from the buyer?

The main compliant with shipping is

the wait time in getting paid (pending) and

the lack of response from customer care

Be patient it will work out. 

Please keep us updated.  Smiley Happy