Deposit Pending Taking Too Long

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The package got there on the 28. I cant understand why its taking so long

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I do understand your frustration @Dch75

I don't know why the process is taking so long.  

Based on the shipping instructions and my calculations from the 28th-- you should receive payment today.

However, I can't verify anything because I am a member just like you.

I would like to know when you receive your payment.

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This is the response I got


Steven (OfferUp Support)

May 9, 1:04 PM PDT

Hi there,

My name is Steven and I am a Payments Specialist with OfferUp. I took a look and it appears that there was an issue that prevented you from being paid I have made some changes and disbursed the funds to you today, 05/09/2018 and you should see them reflected on the deposit method you opted for when you set up your OfferUp Payments on your account.

This typically happens within a day or so, but depending on your financial institution, it can take up to 5 business days for funds to process and reach your account.

If you have any other questions, feel free to let us know..
FYI no the money is not in my account and I may have to wait 5 more days....
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me too it the same thing im experiencing right now please check

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@jackboy@Wathan48 I made a new post to warn others to not use this payment system. Care to post and share yur story on it?

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There was a "issue" with your transaction as indicated in Steven's reply..."it appears that there was an issue that prevented you from being paid I have made some changes...". It was not a smooth transaction.


Under the Electronic Fund Transfer Act of 1979,it is your right to request what the "issue" was that delayed the payment process.

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ok what is the reason why the payment is delayed

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I don't know.  Awaiting reply. Might take a few hours but  iwill post what they send me.

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@Dch75 from that email you posted,,,,looks to me like the system is working,,some minor delay ,,,,right now its looking good,,,,,,i think your story is encouraging as long as you recieve the money by the middle of next week,,,,,,,,,,,but i do agree it shouldnt take that long


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what would even be more interesting t o find out is how its working for those that do not come to this forum and get help from mj