Deposit Pending Taking Too Long

That is not even an answer that is acceptable in any means my money is still pending after a week and a half on for transactions I still haven't received my money but yet they have my stuff that I sold them and yet as many times as I've contacted OfferUp about this problem no one has gotten back to me all I get is an automated that they'll pass it along and don't get back to you order disgrace this company should be shut down I already contacted the Better Business Bureau and turned my stuff over to them and I will definitely be getting back to them with all the emails that I have once again been sending these past few days over the weekend what a great disappointment this company has become
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Wow thanks for sharing your experience. I just startrd on this site a day ago and will remove all my shippibg options to avoid this. Too many issues with old PayPal and their thievery so no thanks OU.
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@BrightMoonstonewhere did you read this news? I was just about to mention that repeat sellers should atleast get a fast pass to quicker deposits. What exactly defines a "solid seller"? I think anyone who has had 5 or more transactions each with a unique buyer, within a reasonable timespan (say 10 months to be fair), should definitely qualify. I mean, there's no real power sellers on OfferUp out there that are pushing inventory with their boss over their shoulder yelling "Sell! Sell! Sell!". Okay, I might be wrong about that and there very well may be such occurences, but I think we can all agree that responsible sellers with consistent positive buyer feedback is enough to satisfy an honor of "solidity". Heck, throw in some ai bots to crawl seller/buyer messages to detect politeness and salesmenship while we're at it. I really don't care what it takes. As a seller who just wants to "Sell! Sell! Sell!", get me on this freaking VIP list to speedy deposits because I'm literally selling products one after the other on competing marketplaces simply because my listings with them are a priority due to the fact that my funds are available instantly after any sale. I take time to describe my items for the exact reason why I think OfferUp is holding funds hostage in the first place. I know that when a buyer purchases a product from me, they are receiving what they expect. No Gimmicks! So honestly, there really needs to be some kind of scale to mark sellers, whether privately or publicly, as reputable and qualify for certain bonuses such as the one I'm obviously requesting within this entire writing. **bleep**, I'm going to regret saying this someday, but I'd probably pay an affordable subscription cost to cut in-line to these benefits, although I'm not sure if that would work or not. I'm open to options here, Anything! Please! Stop making me wait days after buyer delivery. My margins are really not good, I need access to any profits made immediately in order to keep things going. And one might argue that low margins means I'm doing something wrong, and maybe they're right, but the market is so annoyingly competitive, giving up healthy profits for consistent cash-flow is necessary.

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Hello I’ve had a pending deposit since the item has been delivered 10days ago, the buyer is in California I’m in Florida so I’m assuming it wouldn’t even take that long , but is there any way I can receive an eta on when those funds may be released or any update on that sale please.
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I have been waiting over a month now to receive my money from offer up in the amounts of $405.00 and some change.  They are bull**bleep** liars and thieves, and i am going to sue their asses off!

I have been waiting over a month of course mine doesn't add up to quite as much but it's still the point that they have not released my money. I keep getting a notification saying congratulations you have been paid but it has not been deposited into my account . Its ridiculous. I contacted the Better Business Bureau and apparently they refuse to answer any of their questions as well. So I guess involving my lawyer is the next step.
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Same issue.
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Im also having an issue With payment pending the item was delivered on November 5, 2018 and to this date it’s still pending I sent several emails with no response. The transaction number is 768169 why am I still waiting for a payment two months after the fact the item was delivered you guys have my bank information and my credit card info.
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This is very true OfferUp does fraud 5 days to process is BS at its finest !! They are quick to charge you but for them to pay up takes forever I’m def not using the shipping and as soon I sale what I have left I’m going to delete my account and app