Deposit Pending Taking Too Long

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I am dealing with the same thing. I hope to receive my money by Monday. I am not sure if I'll be doing shipping with offer up
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I sent a package on monday, they received it, it was checked in.
The buyer left a 5 star or whatever.
I am on fast deposit, still nothing. They received it yesterday. So, I paid the extra % for nada.
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So what does fast deposit exactly do? If it already takes a week or more to get your funds, it doesnt make sense to even offer it.
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Yes ..I'm having same problem .. if this continues I will stop using offer up
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Mine has been pending for 2 MONTHS! I tried putting in the last 4 digits of my SSN and it does not work. NOBODY wants to help me receive my money. Got to the point where they are ignoring my emails all together.


WHAT DO I DO?!!??! ;(

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I am having the same problem. Here it is July 20th and one of my transactions while it shows it was paid on July 9th it’s still showing “pending”. So I took the bait on also adding my debit card on top of my regular checking account # for an extra %. And still nothing!! I think it would behoove the company (which really has got so many great things going) to create a REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT). Just seeing all the same complaints, anyone with any business acumen whatsoever would realize the company has been at a crossroads for quite a while. This has become a case of offer up continuing to grow without, but not within. It is evident they have not added and created a complete customer care team which is simply bad business operations! My guess is the founders are trying to either make a point that they don’t need all the extra employees, hence showing less expense and overhead. Therefore in their eyes making the company more valuable for future potential investors. Or they are just str8 up not hiring additional employees to increase their individual profits more. No matter the motives at this point it’s become a muddy business model to say the least. Clearly Offer Up has reached a point where current ownership needs to sale and let an organization that understands the importance of customer service. They need to start with making sure people get paid in a timely manner for starters. I always wonder why some company leaders take this gamble. Because we have seen it time and time again that at the end of the day the desire from the consumer to have customer service is critical to the continued success of any company. Keyword “continued”, as no doubt someone within offer up would read this and look to what has no doubt been some extraordinary numbers and dismiss this notion. And I do hope the company has continued success and growth. I just don’t see how with this type of unresponsive, disinterested approach to customers. And while it does seem the few people who do respond are very much good at what they do. Clearly the few is not enough anymore. Sadly to even find out how to post a blog or send a message to anyone within the organization is like trying to figure out Chinese algebra. So frustrating!
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Your frustrating echo of "No Customer Service"... is one of many users. The Community forums are many times misconstrued as the place to receive account assistance--being a Community Helper within the forums, we are often the only means of a voice for frustrated users and take the brunt of their frustrations. Knowing posts of importance are reviewed by OU devs, we can only hope for the addition of a Customer Service integration in the very, near future. Appreciate your feedback! GLTU Smiley Wink

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My transaction closed on the 10th of last month it is now the 5th of September and my account still shows pending deposit. The most concerning part is the payment specialist told me outright the do not know when I will receive my money as they dont have an ETA for a solution, that it is a problem in their system. This cannot be acceptable to anyone in a proper state of mind. The shipping option continues to be available on the site. What does that convey to your customer base???
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Could you please tag a community manager I also need assistance I have a payment pending for over 1 month now and it’s for a pretty significant amount. I have emailed over ten times and have yet to get a response! I’m literally at my end with offerup and don’t see ever using it again! The buyer received over a month ago and offerup will not real service my funds! I am running out of options because no one will respond my next step is to get my local law enforcement involved because the amount is for 267$.
@ANC18 Offerup finally answered me when I filed a BBB complaint so you can file with them online and see if that helps.