Deposit Pending since last month

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Hello community. I am hoping to get some insight here as working with the offerup specialist has yield me no usable information. My transaction closed on the 10th of last month it is now the 5th of September and my account still shows pending deposit. The most concerning part is the payment specialist told me outright the do not know when I will receive my money as they dont have an ETA for a solution, that it is a problem in their system. This cannot be acceptable to anyone in a proper state of mind. The shipping option continues to be available on the site. Is recieving no eta of resolution and the deposit pending status exceeding one month typical?


If you search the forums, it is not unusual for the payment to take 30 calendar days or more to get paid for the INIITIAL (just the first time a seller ships on using OfferUp) shipped transaction.


If it takes more than 45 days, then I would conclude that your situation is an anomoly and you should file a complaint with the FTC (don't waste time reporting to the companies do not care).

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Thank You my friend. This is most helpful.
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Hi there, @Memphlow  - welcome to the community! Apologies that the payment is taking a while - I'll make sure our Payments team reaches out.

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Thank You MJ. I appreciate your escalation. I hope that this can be resolved quickly.


If you have been paid by now, did OfferUp issue some type of explanation?

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Still nothing! No email no communication of any kind and no money. The escalation of the issue did not work. I have used plenty of online sales platforms for the last 20 years and this by far is my worst experience by far. That is saying alot because I have had items outright stolen before by other users, but I have never ever been violated by a service provider for following their established process WHILE paying a premium for an expected level of service. At this point I am completely baffled by reoccurring issue and the company's response to the end user's satisfaction partially because I have worked in the same industry in the early years of ecommerce. An issue such as this would have triggered a project to identify a rootcause and a resolution while proactively compensating or at the very least communication with clearly defined expectations to their customers. As of now.....nothing tangible.
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Hey @Mj_206     USERNAME: WE MADE IT !!!

Please Restore my account it has been restored and deactivated in the same week , also my girlfriend and My Friends accounts are all deactived ! i have two phones and i use the same offerup on both of them 


 tried to log out and log back in and then KAPOOF! account locked again In 3 Days from being unlocked !


 i 100% donot violate terms and i am certain my girlfriend and my friends donot neither so please Help ME Fix This 

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I just was contacted by support and was told that my case was escalated to a Senior Payment specialist and that the technical issues had been resolved. I will post when I receive another update.
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Another Friday update and I have yet to receive my payment 41 days after the transaction was completed. I will update again next week!