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I just sold something and now I am concern with if i will be paid. I see so many comments with people saying it has taken them over a month and it they still havent been paid. Should i reach put to the buyer and request a different form of payment or trust Offer Up and hope and pray i will get paid. How lomg does it really take given that the buyer already has the item.
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"request a different form of payment"

Please don't do this.

The buyer has 3 days to look over the item and it takes roughly 5 days to deposit the money.

(if I find the link to this faq i'll post it)

Once you make a couple transactions, it will become more streamlined according to another user.
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I’m in the same situation I just sold a item and am worried I won’t get paid. I’m yet to see someone say they have gotten paid at all. Just a lot of people waiting.
I think if transaction ran smoothly the seller gets paid. Now if the buyer puts out the claim, offer up seems to hold it until the investigate.

The issue I have is offer up taking to long to settle those issues. I have a claim out for 8-9 days. They have not said anything about the claim. Seller had no clue until I had to inform them that I'm requesting a return through offer up. they know why I'm returning but didn't respond to any if my messages about returning and only came back to inquire about money instead of apologizing about the unusable item.

Offer up should have let the seller know . And that would at least show everyone is on the same page and offer up is reviewing. I doubt they are.

So if the buyer puts out a claim it's longer. And it wouldn't be buyer or seller holding and delaying. It would be offer up taking their time .