Deposit returned to Stripe


Although i have given Stripe my bank account routing number and acct number, and also my credit card number linked to that account, my social security number and of course the name on the account; Stripe (offer ups bank) still sent a deposit made into my account with incorrect or not enough information. My bank said that the payment was sent from Stripe with an "X" for the name on the deposit, rather than MY name? Which forced my bank to return it. According to Offer Up the deposit was made last week, but im not seeing a message from therm staying the deposit was returned! I also don't see any contact information for either Stripe or Offer Up. I've gotten another deposit pending and wonder if that to will be returned also?! How do i remedy this error before it gets out of hand?
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You can call your bank and there is indeed a number that you should be given that can be used to call OfferUp. It is not published, but that is how you can get phone numbers.
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There is no phone number to call. You can contact support at