Deposited! Not in bank account

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Hello, my name is Jordan Wyke and I completed selling an item...

I recievied this message saying “Deposited! Your money 27.03 for Kyrie 2 Size 12 has been sent to your bank account.”

There is one problem it’s is not reportedly or shown in my online banking. I have contacted Offer Up support and there was no response yet.

I also have 120.74 ready to deposit and pending deposit.

I don’t know what t do and if I lose the money I will be mad!



As long as the buyers are satisfied with your items, you will get paid. OU has their own terminology in regards to the electronic fund transfer/payment pending "statuses".


The "... has been sent to your bank account" statement from OfferUp does not mean that the funds have been RECEIVED by your bank, but only that Stripe (OU's payment processor) has released the funds to be sent to your bank. Only your bank/financial institution can literally receive, approve,then deposit the funds into your account.


Be aware that the payment from the FIRST shipping transaction will take about 30 days (not kidding...but more realistic...just search the forums).

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They wont accect my debit card to my checking and savings account as a debit card. They keep saying my card is a credit card and it is not a credit card! Beware people!