Deposits For Shipped Items

Level 1
Way too many people are having the same issue with funds not being deposited into their accounts after shipping an item. Myself included. What's worse is it takes days before anyone from customer support bothers to respond. It is my feeling that Offer Up is making a good bit of money off of the interest they earn for every day our money is in their account. This would explain why it takes even longer to get your money, the higher the amount is. I sold an item several months ago that was only $25-ish & my deposit was made the very next day after the buyer received it. I guess $25 doesn't earn a whole lot in interest per day. Then I sold an item for $120 & can't seem to get my money from Offer Up. After visiting the forums, I'm finding that to be the case with far too many sellers for this to be okay. And most of the sellers waiting for their deposits are waiting on larger amounts, over $100, often several hundred & up.

I just made a new post on Offer Up that isn't an item at all but a bold typed, red highlighted post warning sellers about shipping items & not getting paid. I plan to do the same on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Tired of cons & crooks making easy money off of money the rest of us work hard to earn.