Level 2
Hello, no reply to this is needed as I have been posting questions all over this site for two was now with no answers, this sight was nice for a day or two then I was unable to use the message option , without that the site is pretty much useless if I can’t make offers or inquire about anything. Then just window shopping at what’s around local was interrupted by the location option & lists everything that’s over 500 miles away it seems after many posts,questions,& help related articles & no reply or resolution! I have given up ! When you improve your site at at least fix the contact issues with sellers or above all with the site advisors drop me an email , I would not recommend this site to anyone that counts on consistency or help !
Level 9
Things that would help us understand your issue.

1. What have you tried?

1a. Was clearing cache / data one of those things? Logging out and back in? Etc.

2. Are you getting a specific error code.

Furthermore I only see one post in your profile, this one.

Seems you were posting in the wrong place before.