Disconnecting Debit Card from Account

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Hello, does anybody know if it's possible to disconnect the card you've entered for deposits? If so, how do you do it? I'm asking because if when I no longer need to use the app I know that my card information is no longer connected.
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You should be able to delete a card by going to your profile -> Payments and receipts -> click into the card you'd like to delete and a popup should appear.


Be sure to let us know if this works!

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No, it didn't work. It only gives me the option of changing it.
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Sorry that the instructions didn't work for you.

I followed the steps and when I tapped on the card the word Delete popped up.


Until, you are able to get the delete straightened out you could change your card number to all zeros in the option. Then you will know that your card can not be used.


If you want someone like @Mj_206  admin or other members to respond put this @ in front of their username. Like I did with your name.

Good Luck!

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I would also like to know how I can remove my debit card from my Offer up account. When I click on the card information it only gives me the option to change the card or info I do not feel safe/comfortable giving my whole SSN. When will the app be updated to remove the card? Is it possible for someone to remove the card/information from my account? @Mj_206

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I am having the same problem. I thought that by now the developers would have added a delete button, but is 2019 and nothing has been done.
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Did you by chance, enter all zeros (as suggested in previous post) to cancel out your card ?
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Yes I did enter all zerous, but it gives me an error saying is not a valid card. Do I also type 0's for expire date, cvc code, and zip code? (I did, but still got error). 

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Also thanks for the welcoming. 

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Absolutely @Protocol15!
Have you reached out to Customer Care yet?