Disconnecting Debit Card from Account

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Hello! Sorry for the late reply, but yes I did reach out to customer support and here is a screenschot of one of their responses. Hopefully they Implement a fix assap. I had to share an image link via google drive because I don't think this chat lets me upload images(If so then tell me how, thanks)

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I would remove the link. You cannot post links that are not related to Offerup support or guidelines on here.
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The link is related to offerup support. I don't see any other way of sharing the response that offer up gave me.

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You cant post links that go outside of Offerup on here.
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In case the link is removed: This is a copy and paste of the email support send me:


"Hi Yunior,

Genesis here, thanks for reaching out to us regarding deleting your payment information.
Unfortunately at this time there is not an available option to remove debit cards from the app.
We are always working on improving our product and the interface. We take all feedback into consideration as it helps us shape the future of the OfferUp experience.
Let me know if you have any questions, I am here to help.
Payment Specialist" -Quote ends.