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So I started back using my account recently looking to sell a wedding dress. I listed a wedding dress as well as a my v-steams that I also saw SEVERAL women selling on the marketplace for almost a year. In the middle of the conversation with a potential sale of my dress I was emailed by OfferUp saying my account was terminated. I thought it was a spam email until I realized my entire account including the conversation with the buyer, all my selling items and history was wiped clean. I could browse the app but it was like I never existed as a seller. They took away everything. Confused I replied to the email asking for further details on why. The reply email was I VIOLATED THE RULES ANND OFFER UP DOESN’T SUPPORT THE SALE OF ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES. I’m in total utter shock seeing as though I don’t even smoke cigarettes or can barely pop an Aleve without feeling dizzy so this accusation was alarming and insulting. I couldn’t figure out where this came from until about 5 minutes later thinking about what I listed. I again replied telling them that my post clearly stated v-steam and even referenced what it was for and it’s benefits. No response. I got to their twitter support which is also a joke. Nobody responded back after asking when I could expect to hear from someone. Then the final contact was an ADVOCATE who I guess is slightly above their reps who basically said well your account will go back up. No apology, no admitting it was THEIR error, no acknowledgement of interruption of my sale and most importantly did not restore my account back to what I had on there. Til this day which is almost 10 days later I have an empty account. This is so unjust and blatantly disrespectful. This is how hey treat sellers. Meanwhile the other sellers still have the same exact items still listed in my area. Also the counterfeit shoes, bags and clothing is listed with no problem. I would never sell or use illegal SUBSTANCES more less post it online. I was falsely accused and reprimanded for something I didn’t do all because some rep who couldn’t use the world wide to educate himself on what it was I was selling and decided to be ignorant instead and flag my account. Then that make it so hard to get ahold of someone directly. They enjoy you using their site just don’t care to deal with you personally. Welp back to Facebook and Craigslist. It’s sad when craigslist is safer 🤷🏽‍♀️.
I have no idea what V Steam is but I'm assuming it was a violation of the rules. Im not sure how this is discrimination.
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In my lengthy post I stated that THERE ARE SELLERS SELLING THE EXACT SAME THING but were not flagged. This item is not new and if you type the item I am speaking of it would give you a clear understanding. You basically did the same thing the rep did. Read something not knowing what is was an assume it is automatically a violation which it is not. I’ve read the rules three times just to make sure I wasn’t missing something and it doesn’t violate anything. Educating ourselves on things helps minimize these type of situation. The discrimination lands under the fact the sellers have been selling for almost a year . There are at least 4 people within 20 miles of me. If my post is eliminated all of these should and then it needs to be amended in their rules.
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There you go
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I would open a ticket to get this resolved, get straight to the point.

Don't point fingers or ramble:


"My account has been flagged, could you please help me resolve this. I'm unaware which ad or perhaps keywords may have caused this."
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Thank you, this is what I did in the initial email to them via the site. The reply was still the same. It wasn’t until I had a rebuttal in which I made a length reply with evidence showing what I posted and the others who also had the same item. I opened up a case with BBB just to also make others aware. I couldn’t make it a simple post because there were numerous attempts. Everything isn’t always short or cut and dry.
The difference is I am not a rep who can read your post so yes I said assuming. I've been around OU for a long time and I have also had items removed that others have posted that's just the way it goes sometimes. Life isn't always fair.
I posted a fillet knife but did not specify cutlery so it was removed. There's thousands of other knives posted on here that are not cutlery. I posted some place else. No big deal.
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Goblin, is the rep and advocate the only people who respond to customer concerns? Like is there another email I can use to reach out?
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That link and Twitter are basically your only two options.

I'm unaware what you've sent so far or how many times, but I'd advise you not open multiple tickets as this will cause delays.

Short messages are usually better.

I've been banned twice and have had my account reinstated a couple days later.

I used a variantion of that message above both times and it worked for me, should work for you too.

The forum admin may be able to escalate or look into your case @Mj_206