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I purchased and item via OFFERUP but since it WASNT shipped ON TIME, the PAYMENT was canceled. My bank no longer reflects the purchase and I went ahead and bought the same item in store.

The SELLER messages me me saying that he shipped the item and that I should be receiving it shortly. I explain and he says no problem and INSISTS on picking up the item at my home since he has my address and mailed the item.

I have no problem sending back the item but how do I keep them from showing up at my house? WTH? Do the shipping labels provide my full address?

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As with any label for shipping, offerup provided or purchased, you can view the address indefinitely. Both in transactions and wherever the label is saved for download and print. This shouldnt be an issue unless shipping very locally. Any personal info such as address or personal email is available to anyone searching hard enough on the internet. If you have a safety concern with a buyer, report and save the threats for your local police or postal investigators. We purchase online daily, it shouldn't be a concern.
That is correct. The seller will have your full adress and name. I recommend delicately letting them know you highly prefer to return the item via mail. This obviously wasn't your fault, if things escalate definitely contact your local pd.
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He probably wrote down your address before shipping. I know when I shipped once here, I didnt get to see the guys address anymore. Like the post before me, just let him know you would rather ship it back to him.
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Would you mind elaborating a bit
I am in the process of switching up, and trying the Shipping feature this Holiday season. That being said, you are... able to view the buyers address, when printing the Shipping label--then it disappears from your records? Correct? But... you are able to copy it, via the Shipping label--if necessary. Correct? Think I am getting a P.O. Box for Shipping, if this is the case. Lol
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Once I printed the shipping label and shipped it, I could no longer view the person's address. I was only able to view the address on the shipping label I believe. It's been a while since I shipped and of course Offerup could have changed it. When you print out the shipping label, you could potentially write the address down on a piece of paper to have for your 'records'.
I just checked and an item I sold in August of 18 still has the buyers information available to myself. Yes, it has the name and full adress available. That's the only shipping sale I've done and wont do more due to personal preference so I'm unsure if it still applies to more recent sales.
Go to account, payments, transactions, and receipt and it shows all the buyers info on my end.
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Gotcha... Appreciate!
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Hmm... Interesting...
Appreciate your input! Smiley Wink
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@Freespirit1111 I cant get my transaction history. I would rather not have buyers legal names and addresses either way. I guess it's because the guy put in a claim on my account or at least tried to but couldn't because it was the first and only claim on my account.