Do sellers have protection from item damaged during shipping?

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One more thing @factdontcare if you use a different tracking number than what OFFER UP gives you, you won't get paid on that item so don't use any other method or advise any other option...
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Glad I asked...that is all I wanted to know, and not per USPS website. If this is true than what do I do next?

@Otis1 wrote:
One more thing @factdontcare if you use a different tracking number than what OFFER UP gives you, you won't get paid on that item so don't use any other method or advise any other option...

You don't seem to buy the separate insurance on your own. In short, OU's prepaid shipping label stays on the package and stays valid, so that OU can track it (in order for the transaction NOT to get cancelled). The secondary insurance is for your own protection.  

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Here's the answer I was looking for (No, offer up doesnt do anything) They should explain that in detail with Offer Ups pre-paid shipping options. That in order for the seller to be protected they need to buy extra insurance. Oh and by the way Ebay your covered with no extra insurance coverage!
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Priority mail packages include up to $50 insurance. Although offerup doesnt make it easy to obtain the photo prof from the buyer that is REQUIRED by Usps
Sharing photos in messages is not possible and contact sharing is flagged. You will need to rely on a buyer to email such photos. Most platforms handle their prepaid labels differently and take care of the claims for you along with refunding buyer.
On offerup, you have to hope that the buyer contacts you prior, you can refund as cash app, paypal, zelle etc.
The ENTIRE sale price. You would then file usps claim with photos and recover $50 of sale. If it was more, your loss.
If they file with offerup, you have no recourse and could be out your money TWICE. it is not really covered by ou. They didnt think that part through when boasting insurance as it is standard with usps.
If this happens, hold your breath for days and pray the buyer doesnt file with offerup. As far as I know, they just refund buyer and basically say "oh well, we dont know how we expect you to file a claim, but we took your funds back"
It is the weirdest thing ever.
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extra insurance also can not be added, nor purchased by seller.

Again, not thought out. Not. at. All.

I wish I could post a screenshot of a conversation like this with a buyer
It takes tons of patience from both parties and is confusing especially if your buyer isnt an experienced shopper online. They also must have some type of app for you to refund. That could be fun with someone that doesnt use any of these payment apps.
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@RevivalGypsy, thank you very much for all your feedback. You know your stuff, the other dude that cares nothing about facts as his title states needs to read this. As a seller on Offer Up its frustrating when you have no option to choose priority mail. With Ebay anything over 16 OZ is going to priority mail and thats that., so there's going to be protection with those heavier and bulkier items. We really have it kind of tough since you can't choose priority, add insurance, or share photos. Hope there's a change, to be awesome you have to compete with the other guys. I just know now I'll stick to selling items of less value that are more sturdy just in case.
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@RevivalGypsy I guess your saying all Offer Ups pre-paid labels ($5, $8, $12, $40) are priority labels? Other companies do help with claims and refunds much easier. The customer did file claim with Offer Up sadly (thought that was the only way and reccomended that option) I will still make an effort at the post office since Im there every day sending packages. I have original photos of the item and now I have photos of broken item, perhaps it could work. Who knows. Now if Offer Up helps buyer and seller it would be a win win (more sales, more customers) but that would be too easy to do. Maybe they want to keep things complicated. Your the best though, keep up the good work!
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In agreement! @Otis1
@RevivalGypsy is amazing with her knowledge on Shipping issues.
Much appreciated indeed! Smiley Wink
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Well my whole point was to find out will Offer Up do anything to help my claim as other companies do help, and the other question was are the shipping pre-paid labels (priority labels with insurance) since we are not choosing the labels -Priority, First Class, Fed Ex, UPS - offer up facilitates that choice. And my other situation was that myfactsarebs I mean factsdontcare was just not getting it....the one thing worse than the problem itself is getting the run-around. I appreciate this info as this will at least prepare us when there is an issue.