Does anything happen when a seller is reported?

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I'm actually curious as to what if anything happens when a seller is reported for selling counterfeit items and likely deceiving customers? I've noticed sooo many posts with fake watches/bags/etc. at not cheap prices.. and several of them have a solid feedback rating, which would mean they either sell to people that know the items are fake and they like the people.. or (more likely) they think it's a great deal and leave positive feedback and will eventually realize they bought a fake and spent $900.

So I've reported like a dozen of those sellers, but they seem to not go away.. Does reporting not do anything? Or?
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Hi @918 yes when you report counterfeit items, I know the OfferUp team takes these kind of issue very seriously and they investigate every report and take the appropriate action, I’ve met people and put my hands on counterfeit watches in the past and reported this behavior to OfferUp, and they have removed their accounts, I’ve tapped on following option on the persons profile page,
seeing at a later date that the persons account was no longer available on OfferUp. I also asked people selling hi end items to meet me somewhere, I can have the items checked out by a professional. If it’s counterfeit they always decline my suggestion, and sometimes they even say it’s counterfeit, at that point I’ve informed them it’s against OfferUp guidelines to sell counterfeit items. and they should remove the item from the app. you can also report it to your local authorities. with screenshots of the persons profile page and item information. I’ll also tag @Elin Community manager in case she has something else to add.
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Today this guy called me ugly just cause I offered him lower than what be asked so I told him he had an ugly heart can k report that
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To your question, every case is different and you have to keep in mind you're not the only one reporting.

They may be warned or banned for a couple of days or perma banned based on the offense.

Items do get taken down, but the process is slow.

Based on the amount of OfferUp staff, I would assume it's quite difficult looking over 100+ daily reports and responding to each one appropriately — even overlooking some at times by accident I'm sure.

I believe I'm being generous and it far exceeds that 100+ number.

Why not bots?

There's only specific ways in which a bot can monitor ads, text based ads generally get taken down fast example or if you're being monitored.
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@Sweet16 let me be one of the first to welcome you to the OfferUp Community forum,
Sweet16 your best bet is not to respond back, and just report inappropriate behavior to OfferUp, you can report from his profile page and block him from contacting you in the future, tapping on report in the top right corner, or just report from his item page taping on the flag above the map.
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@Sweet16and @918

I see that your questions were answered.

So, warmest welcome to the forum.  Smiley Happy

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Nothing is done to them trust me I know. I've reported many and they are still there posting 900 ads of the same item.
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Hey @silebtdan , Your perception must be skewed. Why would you make a blanket statement that nothing is being done by offerup? Then the audacity to say: trust me...

Just a few messages above @goblin and @Hotrod explained what offerup is doing.

So, I will repeat Hotrod:

I know the OfferUp team takes these kind of issue very seriously and they investigate every report and take the appropriate action.

Do you not trust them?

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I wouldn't make a statement like that if I didn't mean it. I have reported a few prolific sellers that post 40 plus ads of macbooks and they are duplicates and also stock photos which is against the rules and guess what? They are still there some weeks later. Why are they not banned or there ads deleted? Does it take monts to reach a decision on what to do?
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@silebtdan...OfferUp is busy investigating "low baller" reports, so stay tuned as they will get to yours reports somewhere down the line.