Enabling Buy It Now Option

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Has anyone experienced not having the buy it now option when editing things their selling? I just downloaded this app for the first time 2 days ago and at first it didn’t show me the shipping option and then the next day I had it. Now I can’t enable the buy it now because it’s not on my app.
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Are the items Shipping enabled?
Believe items must be Shipping enabled to use this feature.
Also, currently it is not available to all users. Not available in my area yet.
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Yea, I've also had the issue ever since I downloaded the app. The "Enable Buy Now" button isn't there. I contacted support but they constantly just tell me to restart my phone or leave the app and go back in while using cellular data instead of WiFi as if that's gonna help. I'm pretty sure it's a glitch in the app 

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That is always a possibility...
Really would like to utilize this feature. Hopefully, before the holiday season gears up! 😆
Feedback appreciated
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Doesn't work! Looks like they will delete this option soon.