Error Can Not Post

Level 9
Did you get a chance to read the thread?

OPs error was fixed Chase it seems.

Your thing is most likely temporary too.
Level 1

Yep, I read it. And I was getting the same error. Btw, Ops error was not fixed. They stated what they did and what was recommended, but they never did what was recommended. It's anybody's guess what was the cause and/or cure.

Level 9
Server errors resolve themselves 9/10

BrightMoonstone in particular provided the very plausible cause at that time.

If it's a specific error code it's always good to know.
Level 4
I can't post either has been doing this for at least 3 weeks. I've logged out back in, deleted the app and reinstalled it. No luck.
Level 4
It's trying to post then goes right back to the post button. And if it finally does post it post double
I’ve been trying to post all day. It’s says it posted but nothing is showing