Error R37KPRMM Cant message buyers

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OfferUp has a long way to go to Primetime! Apparently, parsing and defining algorithms in traffic is way beyond a company that has 200+ employees and has been in business since 2011. So, the bottom line: The infamous error will continue! AND: The parrot explainations of "good standing" and "will resolve itself" and "contact Customer Care" ad infinitum.

I'm sure I'm going to get flamed for this post - but it is the truth and easily verified both online and on the numerous messages.

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Truth is, it does resolve itself if you have done nothing wrong.

I know firsthand how one simple change can break a whole c# project for example.

My assumption is that something similar is happening here.

Things break, multi-million dollar companies are not immune to this.

This just happens to have a specific error code, albeit an often mislabeled one.

The workaround is to use a computer, heck even your phone in desktop mode / browser until the issue passes.

Do I wish it could be fixed? Of course.

I wish a dev was more active on the forums to address stuff like this for sure.

But hey the app is free and I can't really complain if this type of thing happens once in a blue moon, at least that's how I see it.

Furthermore you could create new a new account, which should work as long as you don't spam or troll.

Admins have asked us if we use an account for business and one for personal use.
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Hey I tried sending you the apple support link but it blocked me out of talking to you. Because I copy/pasted so now I am locked out for a few hours

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@Brandon @juan
I also tried messaging and couldnt
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Are you trying to message on the actual app? If so, please refrain from sending links to other users. It is not acceptable to do so. Just wait 24 to 48 hours before messaging again.
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I’ll bet the guy with the $8700 for a vehicle would be **bleep** about a site error code while needing to ask questions about a sale.

Anything over $5k without dialog might be a court case on the distance.

Can you please fix your buggy software? Thanks
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I did not use copy paste for anything. If anything I am calculating how much the seller now would not have to pay a buggy software site with zero back end customer service.
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This error comes up when something is copied and pasted, OR when personal information is sent. It appears that you sent your name, email and phone number in a message which triggered this. Your account should be fine at this point @wildprincess.

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I tried to inform a buyer that their product was being sold for cheaper new, so k went link to it on Walmart. This warrants blocking me from messaging? I'll be moving to a different platform. Can't make a sale with a buyer since after this 24 hour message ban I'll be out of state. **bleep** this company
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"I tried to inform a buyer that their product was being sold for cheaper new"

Generally buyers don't reply positively to that. You are basically telling them that they're idiots or I'll informed. If your goal is to get a discount just ask what the lowest they'll take is.

I provided a workaround a few messages back if you have this error, c'mon man.