Error R37KPRMM Cant message buyers



  So, as of about an hour ago, I have been getting the R37KPRMM error, I have a buyer I would like to message and am worried about missing the sale.   I tried logging off then back in, deleting and reinstalling the app, neither has worked.  Anything else I can do to get things back to working order?

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@TacomaLowlife  You can reach out to Customer Care here, but it will not be resolved anytime today.  You can also ask for assistance from @Mj_206 on Monday with a private message.

Thank you, I wasnt aware of the copy/paste reply rule and thats what appears to have gotten me.  I have 5 star rating and have been using the service for a long time, just wasnt aware of the rule.   Frustrating that it doesnt warn you and just blocks your ability to communicate, seems a bit excessive.

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The chat I had with my seller entirely disappeared from the messaging area. I can’t find his items listings anymore and when I go to my boards where i saved the product I was interested in buying , it still gives me he option to ask the seller about the product, but when i try to message the seller all that appears is a network error
Forbidden ( Error code: 5GG413V4)
Please tell me what i can do to contact that seller again, its really important.
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This is a temporary error that occurs for a few hours.

It's rare, but it seems to hit everyone at some point.

Link the buyer to this thread so you have an out.


Follow the link Lapua provided.
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How do I link the seller to this? I only know the name they use on offer up. How much time will it take before i will be able to send her a message again? I really need to get in contact as soon as possible.
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Have you reached out to support yet?

This may be the user block error code, it's different then the one presented in this thread.

Grab the link from the forum (through google) once you're able to text again and send it.
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Thanks for the advice but I have already contacted my bank and they are currently doing an investigation on the transaction and the seller.
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That's new information.

It would still be best and straightforward to contact support so their payment team can look into this.

This assumes you didn't go off app to pay etc.
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Yes i did go off the app beacuse the seller said she couldnt receive across the app or something. I used paypal. But I would really appreciate it if you guys looked up the seller or did some kind of check up I have screenshots of the owners original listing and their profile on the offer up. How do I contact support .