Error/glitch "item was sold to someone else" so I can't rate seller?

Level 1

I have had two buys (I purchased items) since I joined last week, but in both cases the sellers marked the items "sold to someone else" and I can't rate them.


First one, I did send them a nice message to explain what I saw on my end and told them thank you for the item/transaction and figured it was a random glitch (they were also a new seller).


Second one, it said the same thing but I did receive a notification to rate the seller but I get a blank white screen that just spins forever and only option is to cancel the operation. I am going to contact this seller as well to let them know I'd love to rate them 5 stars but can't figure out how to rate them because of the glitch.


Anything I can do on my end? I really hoped to have gotten some nice review points myself. Smiley Sad

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So no one has seen this before? 😔
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I've noticed people dont rate each other much anymore. I've gave up doing so because of it or people dont understand how to