Error message


HELP!  A friend is asking this for me because I can't do anything with my Offerup account.  I tried clearing the cache and data, & now it looks like I have nothing to sell, instead of the 40 or more items I have.  All my messages are gone. If I try and post an item, it lets me go through to the end, then it gives me the error message that something went wrong.  What's going on with my account?????

Level 9

@Sophie1234   It may help if we know a little more. Could you tell us the error message you are getting and are there more than one message. Also, I know people hate doing this but have you tried to uninstall the app and then reinstall? Have you tried going into the website not using the app to see if that works. I had a problem one time where I couldn’t use the app on my iPad. I could use it on your computer. It works now but I was wondering if it worked on another device. Thank you. Hope this helps.